New Recipes/Coffee Reviews posted every weekend!

Hi, presumably you’ve found your way here because you wandered across my blog so allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

My name is David and I am really, really, really bad at following recipes (in my defense I have good reasons for why I dislike following recipes to a ‘t’).  I live in the Bay Area and am more or less a experimenter when it comes to cooking and coffee.  When I say I’m an experimenter I mean that I typically don’t follow very strict recipes or guidelines and almost never measure how much of what I use when I cook; I play things mostly by ear and taste along the way and it has seldom failed me.  This purpose of this blog is to act as a record of a few of my own joys and hobbies, namely coffee, cooking, and photography.  If you so choose, you’re welcome to join me in this endeavor.

Professionally I was once a highly paid fortune-teller but I recently switched careers and am now doing tea leaf reading instead (also highly-paid).  Feel free to reach out to me via this page or email if you have questions about what I do or questions about cooking, photography, or food (or anything really, I’m always happy to chat with people).

If you’re interested in what else I’m doing you can always follow me on instagram at @its2three4!

PS – the cat in the thumbnail is named Echo.  He’s not mine, but I know his owner and they have an instagram account for him at @echo_not_alexa!

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