Here’s the complete list of recipes I’ve shared online so far.  Feel free to use them and make edits however you see fit (and if you do make edits let me know how it turned out!  I’m always curious to hear about other people’s experiments).

General Cooking Philosophy

Current Recipes:

Espresso Rubbed Blackened Salmon with Lentil Herb Rice and Wilted Chard (.75-1 Total Cook Time)

Gnocchi Barese (1-1.5 Hours Total Cook Time)

Japanese Winter Squash Curry (1-1.5 Hour Total Cook Time)

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Brussels Sprouts and a Raspberry and Dried Cherry Sauce (1-1.5 Hours Total Cook Time)

Pasta Carbonara (30-45 Minutes of Total Cook Time)

Simple Broccolini Recipe (30 Minute Total Cook Time)

Spiced Rack of Lamb over Parsnip, Fennel Puree and Roasted Root Vegetables (2 Hour Total Cook Time)

Surf and Turf with a radicchio and pickled radish salad (1.5-2 hours?)

I’ll get some recipes up when I make them.  I have a lot of photos of past things I’ve made on my Instagram account: