Spiced Rack of Lamb over Parsnip, Fennel Puree and Roasted Root Vegetables (2 Hour Total Cook Time)

Quick Overview: Lamb is this deliciously juicy yet flavorful protein that I’ve always really wanted to make but never got to due to time constraints and other life reasons.  That said, a rather ambitious idea for a recipe entered my head the other day so I had to go out and make it.  About halfway through […]

Surf and Turf with a radicchio and pickled radish salad (1.5-2 hours?)

Special Shoutout to my friend Mitch for letting me use his kitchen while I was visiting him.  He also cooks (and bakes too) so you should check out his instagram @mitrea32 to see what he’s been up to (we made a chocolate souffle recently which I will also share the recipe of later). Quick Overview: […]

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Brussels Sprouts and Stone Fruit sauce (1-1.5 Hours Total Cook Time)

Quick Overview: Two servings probably unless you really try to stretch it. Quick note: apologies for not posting anything for a while.  I’ve had quite a lot of stuff happen recently that’s been keeping my busy (nothing bad I promise). Truth be told this recipe came to me as I was walking through the grocery store […]