Spiced Rack of Lamb over Parsnip, Fennel Puree and Roasted Root Vegetables (2 Hour Total Cook Time)

Quick Overview: Lamb is this deliciously juicy yet flavorful protein that I’ve always really wanted to make but never got to due to time constraints and other life reasons.  That said, a rather ambitious idea for a recipe entered my head the other day so I had to go out and make it.  About halfway through […]

Surf and Turf with a radicchio and pickled radish salad (1.5-2 hours?)

Special Shoutout to my friend Mitch for letting me use his kitchen while I was visiting him.  He also cooks (and bakes too) so you should check out his instagram @mitrea32 to see what he’s been up to (we made a chocolate souffle recently which I will also share the recipe of later). Quick Overview: […]

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Brussels Sprouts and Stone Fruit sauce (1-1.5 Hours Total Cook Time)

Quick Overview: Two servings probably unless you really try to stretch it. Quick note: apologies for not posting anything for a while.  I’ve had quite a lot of stuff happen recently that’s been keeping my busy (nothing bad I promise). Truth be told this recipe came to me as I was walking through the grocery store […]

Pasta Carbonara (30-45 Minutes of Total Cook Time)

Quick Overview: (Makes 3-4 servings probably) Carbonara is a classic Italian dish.  There are various stories regarding its origins, but the ones I’ve heard all relate back to Italian miners as the “Carbonara” part of the dish’s name has origins with the Italian word for “charcoal burner”. In its most authentic form the dish is made […]

Espresso Rubbed Blackened Salmon with Lentil Herb Rice and Wilted Chard (.75-1 Total Cook Time)

Quick Overview: (Makes 2 servings for a single person) I recently started using a mealdelivery service called Sun Basket which sends food to your doorstep and they give you recipes on what to do and then you make them.  So far I’ve enjoyed my experiences with them.  That said, since I’m me, I kind of refuse […]