Spiced Rack of Lamb over Parsnip, Fennel Puree and Roasted Root Vegetables (2 Hour Total Cook Time)

Quick Overview: Lamb is this deliciously juicy yet flavorful protein that I’ve always really wanted to make but never got to due to time constraints and other life reasons.  That said, a rather ambitious idea for a recipe entered my head the other day so I had to go out and make it.  About halfway through […]

Blue Bottle Oakland Lights Review

Grind Size: Coarse (will provide a photo next time) Brew Style: Flash Brew Time: 36 Hours Beans: Blend Conclusions/Thoughts: Blue Bottle describes this blend as having “fruit confection and warm spices” which immediately makes me think of a fruitcake, that said, these beans do not taste like a fruitcake when cold brewed (thankfully). The beans impart a very fruity and […]

Blue Bottle San Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Community Review

Grind Size: Coarse (will provide a photo next time) Brew Style: Flash Brew Time: 36 Hours Beans: Espresso Roast Conclusions/Thoughts: Like over Blue Bottle beans I’ve had in the past the cold brew is very fruit forward.  There’s a hint of sourness and bitterness, but it’s not overwhelming and it has just enough to remind […]