Blue Bottle San Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Community Review

Grind Size: Coarse (will provide a photo next time)

Brew Style: Flash

Brew Time: 36 Hours

Beans: Espresso Roast

Conclusions/Thoughts: Like over Blue Bottle beans I’ve had in the past the cold brew is very fruit forward.  There’s a hint of sourness and bitterness, but it’s not overwhelming and it has just enough to remind you that you’re drinking coffee.  Overall, despite maybe letting the hot water from the flash brewing process sit for a bit longer than I would’ve liked, the cold brew is very smooth.

There’s a hint of spiciness that comes at the end which is a welcome surprise.  Overall, I’m actually quite a fan of these beans.  I generally prefer chocolate or caramel notes in my cold brews.  This is also the first time I’ve ever worked with a single-source bean as I’ve used blends in the past.  That said, Blue Bottle’s San Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Community Beans are definitely a solid choice.  I picked them up at the Ferry Building in SF on a weekend trip up for around 14 or 16 dollars for 8oz of Whole Beans.

TL;DR: Solid citrus notes, hint of sour and bitter, spicy finish.

SCORE: 7.3/10

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