Blue Bottle Oakland Lights Review

Grind Size: Coarse (will provide a photo next time)

Brew Style: Flash

Brew Time: 36 Hours

Beans: Blend

Conclusions/Thoughts: Blue Bottle describes this blend as having “fruit confection and warm spices” which immediately makes me think of a fruitcake, that said, these beans do not taste like a fruitcake when cold brewed (thankfully).

The beans impart a very fruity and dry flavor profile to the cold brew. Overall, it’s quite a sour product despite having little to no acid but it isn’t unpalatable and is in fact quite tasty if you’re into fruit notes. I’m not getting any hints of nutmeg, custard, or dried golden plums (though I can probably imagine that somewhere in these fruity/citrus/sour flavors I’m tasting is what some might call dried golden plums).

Place of Purchase: Blue Bottle Oakland Lights @ Ferry Building

TL;DR: Dry, fruit flavors.  Sour finish.

SCORE: 6.6/10

Personal Note: I think these are great beans, but they just don’t really fit my own personal tastes; I prefer medium roasts that have dark chocolate and fudge-y notes as opposed to those with more fruit/sour notes.  That said, I don’t regret buying these beans and look forward to finding different ways to try and work with their flavors.

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