Why I’m a coffee mad scientist

Have you ever had a cold cup of drip coffee before?  It tastes like shit doesn’t it?  It’s acidic, cold, and just overall a disappointing experience.  Do you know why that is though?

Well, it’s because when you brew coffee under hot water for extended periods of time what you end up drawing out of the coffee beans are these volatile oils and tannins.  The volatile oils are what make drip coffee taste and smell good, however they evaporate rather quickly as they are volatile by nature and once the coffee cools down, those oils will leave all you will be left with is a cup of brown acids.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy warm coffee, but I also prefer to be able to drink my coffee at whatever temperature I want without having to worry about it suddenly going sour on me.

So enter cold brew.  What is cold brew you ask?  Well, cold brew coffee is – like its name would suggest – brewed in cold water as opposed to hot water.  This avoids the problem that I’ve noted above that occurs with drip coffee where you can’t drink it once it cools down, however the downsides of cold brew coffee is that it takes time to prepare.  Because we are brewing coffee in cold water as opposed to hot water it takes a lot longer for the caffeine and flavors to be drawn out, however if you’re patient and willing to wait, you too can enjoy the wonders that cold brew coffee provides!

So to conclude, reasons to drink/make cold brew coffee:

  • It’s unbelievably easy to make.
  • Coffee will always taste good and never betray you
  • More caffeine!

So if you’re interested in learning how to make cold brew, follow this blog!  I’ll be using this website to track and share my experiments (along with some cooking ventures and perhaps other creative projects).

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